Universal Thirst Pack

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The Universal Thirst Pack is the World’s ONLY 3-in-1 function mobile drink dispensing backpack (also commonly known as a beer backpack). Regardless whether you want to dispense draught, hot, cold, cans or bottles – it does it all! The Universal Thirst Pack is fully interchangeable to dispense Draught Carbonated, Draught Non-Carbonated, Can or Bottle refreshment all from the same drink dispensing backpack.

Thirst Pack from Global Vending Solutions on Vimeo.

The 3 pack functions are specifically tailored to suit the product to be dispensed, see product specifications below. 


Each individual conversion of the Universal Thirst Pack is the market leader in mobile drink dispense for it’s product category. Therefore, it is the perfect backpack for mobile hawking and product vending; serving the refreshment efficiently and whilst maintaining product quality – the complete customer service package.

Coupled with the versatility of a 3-in-1 function the Universal Thirst Pack is perfect for all year round mobile concourse, stadium, experiential and product sampling dispense; a complete mobile solution. The Universal Thirst Pack is also available as a Roller Pack allowing staff of any shape or frame to operate the system with full mobility by rolling it into place.

Maximise the vendor efficiency with the Front Serving Pouch. Designed to complement the Thirst Pack, the Front Serving Pouch is completely colour co-ordinated with the Thirst Pack and can also be branded, forming an integral part of the 360 Degree Branding Package. The Front Serving Pouch uses the same light reflective technology as in the Thirst Pack to maintain the optimum service temperature of the ancillary/additional products. This makes it the perfect accessory to hold ice, hot or cold snacks, sugar, milk portions, promotional literature, etc.


The Universal and Streamline Thirst Pack can be fully branded using a bespoke 360 Degree Branding Package. Branding and product visibility is vital to selling or promoting your product and/or business, and we can help ensure that your quality product being dispensed is associated with your brand image helping to establish brand loyalty. The branding can be seen from any angle (360 degrees) around the vendor. The back of the pack can be fully branded as can the Front Serving Pouch. This in partnership with either branded flags or a banner so the vendor is fully visible makes your product stand-out from the crowd.

Universal and Streamline Thirst Pack Branding Dimensions;
Back of Thirst Pack – 297x420mm (portrait)
Branded Flags (double-sided) – 297x210mm (landscape)
Front Serving Pouch – 330x210mm (landscape)

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