Moped Ice Cream Unit

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Driving Sales with Novelty – Moped Ice Cream Unit

Engage customers with your unique vending solution. Stand out from your competitors. Drive sales with novelty. 

Able to hold large quantities of product and effectively maintain temperature, moped ice cream units are quality investments. Customise your moped with your branding to create an exclusive experience customers will never forget. Create a buzz crowds can’t ignore. 


Mobile Vending Solutions. Literally. 

Your moped ice cream unit travels with you, from event to event, festival to festival, and park to park. Keep the profits coming as you go on tour. 

Powered via mains when serving, moped ice cream units keep content frozen and ready for consumption regardless of the weather. When not powered, when travelling for example, the units maintain a low temperature. 


Provide Anything, to Anyone

If you supply crisps, biscuits, drinks, cakes, or any variety of products, a moped unit can still work for you. Change out the freezer for a refrigerator. Consider how to make it work for you.

Customers will find the creative vending solutions irresistible. The novelty does not wear off. 

Hit the road with your innovative mobile vending solution. Talk to Global Vending Solutions today


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