Crepes Cart

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Crepes Cart


Clean. Efficient. State Of The Art crepes cart.


Whether you operate as a street vendor or attend specific events – the Crepes Cart is the most dynamic of its kind anywhere in the world when it comes to serving instantly cooked fresh treats

Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, it can be maneuvered as a push cart or set up as a stationary crepe stand in a permanent location. By pairing it with an electric bicycle, the cart becomes a crepe bike, ready to take on new routes and destinations every day.

Its versatility, features and ease of use make it perfect for selling crepes just about anywhere, from parks, squares and busy sidewalks to shopping malls and event venues. It can also be rented to private events or run as a fullymobile catering business.

This makes the Crepe Cart a lucrative investment for starting entrepreneurs as well as a smart addition to already established businesses such as restaurants and hotels, event and entertainment venues, beach bars etc.

One Crepes Cart – Two Modes

Food Preparation Specifications

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