Compact Thirst Pack

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Deliver Your Product to the Crowds

Don’t keep people waiting in suspense. Grab attention, gather the crowds, and drive sales with our beverage backpack. Able to hold both hot and cold, carbonated or still beverages in the 11.3 litre keg, our beverage backpack will help you dispense 21 pints of product. Insulated to maintain optimum serving temperature for up to 4 hours, your vendors can deliver your product and advertise your brand without worry. 

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Elevate your Thirst Pack

As with all our products at Global Vending Solutions, branding is important. Our interchangeable branding panels give you the freedom to change up your imagery with your campaigns. Add your logo to the front serving pouch and flags to ensure your brand is visible amongst crowds. 

Make the most out of your front serving pouch, filling it with hot/cold snacks, milk portions, or promotional materials. Using our hands-free vending solution, your vendors will be able to perform a range of actions, including receiving payment from captivated customers. 

 Don’t let your beverage type stop you. Our optional carbonation kit works perfectly for fizzy drinks, from energy drinks to beer – hence why beverage backpacks are also known as beer backpacks! 


Compact Thirst Pack Delivers:

  • 11.3 litre (21 pints) keg
  • Insulated keg maintaining temperature for 4 hours
  • Integrated money belt
  • 1 dispense hose 
  • Option carbonation kit available
  • Available in black  
  • Branding (interchangeable) 
  • Superfast worldwide delivery


Branding Dimensions:

Thirst Pack back – 297x420mm (portrait)

Branded Flags (double sided) – 297x210mm (landscape) 

Front Serving Pouch – 330x210mm (landscape)


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Global Vending Solutions is a part of the Thirst Group.

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