Global Vending Solutions Launch Food Delivery Pack Range

Global Vending Solution’s new range of food delivery packs has reached its launch day after a spike in interest for the product.

Servicing a Global market, GVS has its finger on the pulse for trends and new technologies emerging in the vending industry – and goes one step further by implementing full branding and customisation of these products for companies throughout the world.

In recognition of the changing landscape of recent times, this product offers businesses the chance to facilitate their own food delivery service with fully-branded equipment. Not only this but each product from Global Vending Solutions is rigorously tested and approved to ensure the food transportation does not result in a compromise on quality.

Managing Director Joseph Burke said:

‘We have always dealt with our customers directly as
what we offer is so bespoke. We listen carefully to their requirements and make it happen – regardless of how challenging it might be. When one client spoke to us about this product we started the development process – and since then the enquiries have kept increasing!’

An influx of enquiries around these Food Backpacks highlighted the potential in this area for Global Vending Solutions, but it wasn’t as simple as just providing the backpacks.

Joseph went on to say;
‘The enquiries we were getting weren’t simply for the product. These base products aren’t
brand new to the market – anyone can do a quick search which will offer up some suppliers. However, the questions we were being asked were about how they can be customised. How can we have our logo? Our brand colours? Interchangeable advertising on the product? It was at this stage we began to speak to our product development team, who came up with a fully customisable range, with an option available for businesses of any size’.

In addition, the food delivery sector includes a huge range of specific requirements.
Insulated pizza delivery packs need to be a completely different size and shape to one that is designed for burgers or smaller items. With Global Vending Solutions’ wealth of
experience in this area, they were able to produce something to suit every end user – all with diverse customisation options to ensure a professional finish.

‘It was important to us that we offer a solution for all restaurants – and therefore all types of food!’  Joseph says.

‘Restaurants today have the power to accept orders online or over the phone with no
problem at all, and this is true today for all cuisine, not just the more ‘traditional’ takeaway
items. It’s important that when restaurants do offer this service, the food that arrives has no impact on its quality – and our delivery packs are the perfect solution to achieve this.’

To discuss the new range of delivery packs from GVS contact Joseph directly on:


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