Vending Bikes – What is the Best Vending Bike for Your Business?

Looking to purchase or rent a vending bike for your business? But not sure which type is right for you? Look no further! 

In this handy guide we discuss the various different vending bikes we offer here at Global Vending Solutions, explaining their features, benefits and how they can be used for maximum impact. 

Advertising Bike 

Advertising bikes are the perfect solution for businesses looking to promote their products or services whilst on the move. Featuring a large advertising board that can customised and regularly updated to suit your latest promotions, these bikes enable you to advertise at multiple different locations for the price of one. 

By targeting busy areas at peak times and planning the most effective route, you can ensure hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of eyes take notice and become aware of your business. Some companies choose to hand out freebies or flyers too, but if you’re really wanting to make a lasting impression, intertwine your real-world experiences with digital marketing by adding a QR code to your advertising trike. Not only does this capture their attention, but it also captures their loyalty. 

Cargo Bike 

Ideal for attracting attention from the crowds at festivals and parks on hot summer’s days, the cargo bike is a blast from the past. Guaranteed to ignite feelings of nostalgia, this take on the vintage mobile vending solution is equipped with all the mod cons needed to sell coffee, gin, ice creams and a variety of other products. 

Design captivating artwork to fit the traditional style of the vending cart and you’re sure to catch the eye of passers-by. 

Fruit Bike 

Our retro style fruit bike will certainly get potential customers intrigued. Easy-to-use and comfortable for the rider, the bike can be fully branded so that it truly represents you and your business. 

Contrary to what its name suggests, however, more than just fruit can be vended from this bike. Comprising of 4 baskets/shelves, they’re suitable to vend a wide range of goods and products at places like busy high streets and popular shopping centres. 

Moped Ice Cream Unit 

Boasting the capacity to hold large quantities of product and effectively maintain temperature, a moped ice cream unit can be a quality investment for businesses looking to engage customers. Travelling with you from event to event, festival to festival and park to park, these bikes are certain to create a buzz that crowds cannot ignore. 

Powered via mains when serving customers, the units keep its contents frozen and ready for consumption regardless of the weather. And when not in use – when you’re travelling to your next destination, for example – the units maintain a low temperature. 

These bikes aren’t exclusively for vending ice cream and ice lollies, though. If you supply crisps, biscuits, cakes, drinks or any other refreshment, simply replace the freezer with a refrigerator and you’re ready to go. 

Ice Cream Bike/Trike 

Whilst still possessing all the enticing aesthetics of an old-fashioned vending trike, our innovative ice cream bikes and ice cream trikes are equipped with a range of modern amenities and are great for ensuring your business is remembered. 

All bikes/trikes can be designed to your specific requirements and make the ultimate marketing tool for urban or countryside trading, store sampling and product promotions. 

Vending Cart 

Last on our list, but by no means least, is our vending cart. Used for vending a comprehensive range of food and drink, this unique vending solution has an undeniable draw bound to help you stand out at festivals, busy parks and fundraisers. 

Like all our bikes featured in this guide, our vending carts can be kitted out with your very own artwork and designs to fit your brand. 

Which Bike is Best for Me? 

For help and advice on deciding which type of vending bike is best for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll listen to your requirements, take into consideration your budget and the type of goods you’re looking to vend, providing you with a bespoke recommendation on which solution you’re suited to and how you can achieve the best results. 

Vending Bikes with Global Vending Solutions 

To find out more or enquire about our products, please contact a member of the Global Vending Solutions team. Not only do we offer several purchase and rental options, but we also ship globally and fast. 

Whatever it is you’re after, we have the solution for you. 

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