Benefits of Food Sampling


Whether you are launching a new food product, a seasonal menu or simply want to attract more customers, food samples can be the ultimate solution. Giving consumers a literal taste of what you have to offer can help a surge in sales and provide many other benefits. 

Here at Global Vending Solutions we offer a variety of products to fit all your experiential marketing needs. From in-store product sampling to stadium vending, our unique products are branded and successful pieces of kit for all kinds of products.  

We have worked with plenty of food vendors and suppliers to create success, so we know all there is to know about the many benefits of product sampling.  

Benefits of Food Sampling  

There are numerous benefits to food samples that should be considered for any brand or product launch. If you have food products, consider how free samples could benefit your business in the long run.  

Attract Consumers  

Getting your brand or new product out there and into the public eye can be hard. With so many brands in the supermarket and products on offer, standing out is no mean feat. Paired with the lack of consumer desire to stray from what they know, getting ahead of competition and putting your food product out there is tricky.  

One way to quite literally stop consumers in their tracks and grab their attention is with free food samples. Who doesn’t love freebies?! Free food samples have an undeniable draw and are certain to reel in consumers. Not only will they get to try your product and be tempted to buy some right there, they will remember your branding and products better, so when they look at the shelves, your product catches their eye first. 

Create Loyalty  

It’s no secret that humans are creatures of habit, and that we don’t often like to change what we do or the staples we swear by. Especially key in the food market where products may not be entirely dissimilar, when promoting a new product, you must pique consumers’ interest.  

Food samples remove any hesitation or fear-of-the-unknown consumers may have. By getting to try your product and finding out if they like it or not, they have removed the risk of any financial loss from not trying before they buy. An even bigger benefit of consumers learning that they like your product from free samples is that they may align their loyalties to you, and not your competitor.  

Get Feedback  

If releasing a new product or a limited line, free food samples are a great way to get feedback. While handing out samples, vendors could ask consumers basic questions or ask for some opinions about the product which can then shape future business decisions.  

Even simple feedback such as favourite flavour or pairing condiment can inform marketing decisions and product emphasis. And because a food sample is free, consumers are likely to give honest feedback, as they haven’t invested anything and have nothing to lose.  

Increase Sales  

While sales may not immediately increase, there is evidence that free samples can help boost sales. Combining more product visibility with consumers contented with a free surprise no doubt helps sales boom.  

However, don’t expect the profit to come in instantly. Just because a consumer tried your food sample and enjoyed it, doesn’t mean they will grab a bag and give you their money just yet. Perhaps in a week or two they will pick up your product when they see it, remembering that they enjoyed it. Either way, food samples are a proven method to increase both product visibility and sales. 

Understand Your Target Audience  

Before launching a food sample campaign, it is important to do research and understand how you can get the most out of it. From deciding which venues to give food samples away at to knowing when it is the best time to get your target market, food sampling research can tell you a lot.  

You may learn, for example, that more food samples are taken by your target audience at specific times or in specific supermarkets. From initial sampling trials you can measure relative success and inform future campaigns from your newfound understanding.  


Food Sampling Case Study  

An activation of food samples in collaboration with Sam’s Club in the US saw an increase in sales of up to 200%, a result of strategic planning and the inherent beneficial advantages of food samples. Using 250 branded usherette trays provided by Global Vending Solutions, Sam’s Club were delighted with the response from consumers.  

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To launch seasonal menu changes, Wagamama have been using usherette trays to give out free samples for over 8 years. The continued success of this activation over the years is testament to the many advantages of food samples. Although not directly relating to sales, the free samples engage new consumers, letting them try before they buy and even enticing visits to the restaurants.  

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Get Started with Global Vending Solutions  

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of food samples or even get in the action yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Global Vending Solutions. With a range of brandable products for all kinds of vending or sampling across almost any product type, we have the means to take your product and brand activations to the next level. 

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