The Different Types of Mobile Vending Units & Solutions

Here at Global Vending Solutions, we specialise in providing businesses across the world with high-quality and creative mobile vending solutions. For many years our team have helped global brands and start-ups alike achieve huge success by engaging crowds in an exciting and memorable way.

We offer a wide range of mobile vending units, so whatever your requirements, we’re sure to have a solution for you. In this guide we explain some of the different types we provide to give you an overview of what’s out there and to help you decide which is best for your company.

Mobile Drink Vending Units

Mobile drink vending units are the ultimate solution if you’re looking to offer drinks to attendees at an event like a sports fixture, carnival or fete.

Some examples of mobile drink vending units include beverage backpack drink dispensers and coffee booths.

Beverage Backpack Drink Dispenser

Beverage backpack drink dispensers enable you to deliver your product directly to the crowds. Perfect for grabbing attention, they allow you to make sure customers are served instantly without having to wait in a lengthy queue. 

Our Compact Thirst Pack is a backpack with a 11.3 litre keg able to hold both hot and cold, carbonated or still beverages. Insulated to maintain optimum serving temperature for up to 4 hours, this unit allows your vendors to efficiently deliver your product.

Coffee Booth

Coffee shop kiosks are great for inspiring intrigue from passers-by. Providing room for a coffee station and refrigerated coolers, as well as additional appliances, they’re perfect for supplying both hot and cold drinks at festivals and busy parks on a summer’s day.

View our full range of mobile drink vending units here.

Mobile Food Vending Units

From refreshing ice creams to handmade soups, mobile food vending units make for great one-stop-shops for hot and cold food vending at events of all sizes.

Some examples of mobile food vending units include cargo bikes and vending vans.

Cargo Bike

Suitable for vending a whole host of products, cargo bikes are often the favoured food vending solution for events like weddings and fundraisers. Igniting the feeling of nostalgia, they enable you to create a vintage mobile vending solution from the past with all the modern mod-cons.

Vending Van

If you’re wanting to hold large quantities of a product you’re selling, look no further than a vending van. Our Citroen Style Van, for example, is equipped with all the necessities to enable you to serve a variety of dishes. It’s unique appearance also makes sure you stand out from the competition.

View our full range of mobile food vending units here.

Vending Bikes

We’ve already mentioned cargo bikes, but there are also plenty of other types of vending bikes, such as fruit bikes and moped ice cream units.

Fruit Bike

A blast from the past, retro style fruit bikes are the epitome of street vending. They can be fully customised to feature your branding and are guaranteed to get people walking to and talking about your company.

Moped Ice Cream Units

Able to hold large quantities and effectively maintain temperature, moped ice cream units allow you to drive sales with novelty. They keep its contents frozen and ready for consumption regardless of the weather and travel with you from event to event, park to park.

View our full range of vending bikes here.

Large Vending Units

In addition to the aforementioned coffee booth and vending van, there are numerous other types of large vending units, including the retail tuk-tuk.

Retail Tuk-Tuk

Combining mobility and appliance to cater for any occasion, the retail tuk-tuk is ideal for selling street food or vending at an organised event. What’s particularly great about this vending unit is that internal appliances can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, ensuring all produce is kept fresh and served at the highest quality.

View our full range of large vending units here.

Usherette Trays

Also known as sampling trays, usherette trays give your vendors freedom to inspire customers with hands-free vending. Holding up to 10kg of stock, they are the go-to solution for new product launches and campaign promotions.

View our range of usherette trays here.

Mobile Vending Units with Global Vending Solutions

To find out more about our comprehensive range of mobile vending solutions or to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Global Vending Solutions team today. From cargo bikes and backpack dispensers to coffee booths, trikes and tuk-tuks, we have the vending solution for you.

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