How to Increase Brand Awareness – 6 Creative Brand Awareness Ideas

Looking for ways to increase your brand awareness? Are you on a mission to make sure your business stands out from the competition? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this mini guide we’ve put together 6 creative ideas that are sure to boost your exposure and get your company’s name out there.

Local Partnerships

One of our favourite brand building strategies, particularly if you’re a local-orientated business providing services to customers in the nearby area, is to partner with other local businesses. There’s power in numbers, so if you can identify other businesses targeting a similar type of customer to you, but not directly competing, make the most of this opportunity and join forces for mutual benefit. 

For example, if you’re a mechanic, perhaps you could consider partnering with a local car wash to offer discounted washes with the purchase of a routine service. These types of partnerships and cross-promotions provide benefits to both businesses whilst also rewarding customers.

Sponsor a Local Event

Sponsoring a local event is another proven method of increasing brand awareness. Getting your branding plastered around a festival or featured on promotional materials like emails and flyers allows you to reach more people who may not have heard of your business.

In addition, the bigger the event, the more press and social media mentions you’ll get before, during and after the event. With most sponsorships you also get featured ads which help to boost brand recognition.

Although this strategy doesn’t directly promote your company or your products/services, your business is paying support to something that your customers care about. Your company is then associated with this event by attendees.

Car Wraps

Wrapping your car with a customised eye-catching design is a tried and trusted strategy for attracting the attention of passers-by and vehicles on the road. Featuring striking colours and details such as your logo, tag line and contact information, this approach to increasing brand awareness ensures your vehicle is not only noticed but remembered too. Whether you’re driving through busy cities, stuck in traffic or parked on the side of a road, getting a car wrap means that wherever you go, people become more familiar with your brand.

Some people decide to just wrap company cars, but if you’re wanting to get the maximum impact you could also wrap your personal vehicle too!

Social Media Campaign

Social media can be a great tool for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide you with the perfect platform to promote yourself whilst also enabling you to build your brand/audience.

Regular interaction and posts help to keep you at the forefront of customers’ minds. Exactly what you post is completely up to you, but by staying relevant and on-topic you’ll help to keep your followers engaged.

If your budget allows, you can also create and run social media campaigns to target certain demographics. Target people in specific locations, of a certain age or with particular interests, and hit them with a unique ad that promotes your services. 

Experiential Marketing

Sometimes referred to as engagement, participation or live marketing, experiential marketing is one of the most effective ways of raising brand awareness as it involves getting out on the street and engaging with potential customers.

If you’re launching a new product, for instance, perhaps you could hire a cargo bike and start handing out free samples to give passers-by a taste of your new offering. Or if you’re really looking to turn heads, consider hiring a refrigerated moped on a hot summer’s day to distribute popular cold or frozen treats in brilliant style. With plenty of branding options available, these vending bikes make it easy to get your brand colours, logo and messages across to people in the most intriguing way.

Attend Trade Shows or Exhibitions

When organised and carried out correctly, attending a trade show can be an ideal way of showcasing your brand to hundreds of people.

In order to grab attention and entice passers-by to come over to your stand, organise a game or a competition to get people involved. A big, colourful prize wheel, for example, is sure to attract attention at a bustling trade show. Attendees will have a great time spinning the wheel, hoping for the big prize, but best of all, they’ll be associating your business with fun! Be sure to also hand out branded promotional items to all participants so that they take something away with them regardless and are more likely to remember your brand.

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