Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Wondering how your competition keeps its marketing fresh to attract new customers? Want to find the best way to promote your new product?  Looking to forge feel connections with consumers? You need experiential marketing. 

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is an offline marketing technique whereby brands create engaging events and experiences for consumers. By connecting brands/products with consumers in person, memories are made, positive connotations created, and awareness spread. 

If you have a new product launching or want to get your brand out there, get in touch with Global Vending Solutions. Our mobile vending solutions take activations to the next level with fully branded and bespoke designs – take a look at some of our gallery to get inspired. With experience supplying national events and ongoing activations, our expert team are with you throughout your experiential marketing journey, from design to delivery.

Benefits of experiential marketing
Make connections 

Brand or product activations give you the chance to organically connect with consumers. Whether its answering questions they may have, recommending products they would enjoy or simply giving the brand a friendly face, consumers will forge authentic memories with your brand. 

Though you may be providing a fun and alluring experience, experiential marketing isn’t about being overly salesy, it’s about being so engaging that consumers want to interact with you. This is the perfect chance to get to know your consumers authentically, asking a few questions and generally starting conversations, promoting your brand and products subtlety. From here, you have a better understanding of your customers, what they like and what works, helping to shape future products and promotions. 

Completely customisable

When it comes to creating the perfect experiential marketing campaign, the sky is the limit! If you can imagine it, and your budget allows, you can create a wealth of innovative and exciting experiences. However, bigger isn’t always better, and it is far more effective to create experiences that suit your brand. 

Perhaps your brand wants to promote its environmental promise through safari themed installations and samples given away in eco-packaging? Or you have a new scent out and want to create a mini tropical paradise Instagram background, so consumers can pose with your product and spread it on social media. With endless possibilities, your brand activation can be whatever you can imagine. Why not work with Global Vending Solutions? With years of experience in experiential marketing and endless bespoke creations, we can help make your marketing dreams come true. 

Increase sales

There is no denying the impressive return on investment experiential marketing offers. With your innovative activation, you can excite current customers, promote new products, and engage new customers. With the buzz you create, your products will be flying off the shelves in no time.

In fact, the 2018 Event Track survey found that 85% of those surveyed said they were likely to purchase after taking part in events and experiences! By putting your product out there, and creating activations that not only make people aware, but also forge memorable experiences, your product sales will soar. 

Market your brand

Whether you want to completely launch your brand from scratch or just give your current brand a makeover, experiential marketing is a fantastic way to promote your values and motives. Market new policies, spread awareness of issues, rebrand your image. Consumer perception of your brand can quickly change, provided you implement the best marketing methods.

91% of those surveyed in the Event Track 2018 survey said they had more positive feelings about brands after events and experiences. Not only will experiential marketing directly help sales, it can build brand loyalty, and ensure customers return again and again.


Try before they buy

Brand and product loyalty can be hard to break. Once a consumer has found something they like, they often don’t want to spend money elsewhere. With free samples, consumers get the excitement of trying something new, without spending a penny. They fall in love with your product and decide to purchase your product repeatedly. According to a 2016 survey, 80% of those surveyed said that live demonstrations and free samples significantly helped defined their purchasing decision. Who can blame them? We have all strayed away from our shopping list because of a tempting sample… 

But samples at activations have even more benefit than just getting customers. By giving out samples, you get real-time feedback, helping you to shape your products and marketing methods. And if samples are free, you are likely to get honest responses!

Measurable method

With many marketing campaigns it can be difficult to measure just how effective it was, however with experiential marketing you can. Whether you sale products directly at the activation, create exclusive codes or URLs for the campaign, or specific products, experiential marketing can be easily measurable. 

A popular marketing method in these digital times involves consumers using hashtags on social media or tagging the brand in posts. These easily searchable social media tags give brands tangible indications of number of participants and reach of campaign. Why not read our case studies and find out how others have quantified their experiential marketing campaigns?


Create a novel activation and it will never be forgotten. Your activation can create a legacy for your brand, the reason you get recognised on social media, print, and shop shelves. Ensure your experiential marketing campaign is unique to you and has room to expand for future activations. Whether you are looking to market your brand or products, or gain more customers, creating a legacy through your innovative marketing will create a priceless buzz for years to come.

Get Started With Global Vending Solutions

We provide bespoke mobile vending solutions, fully branded to bring your products to life. With over 15 years of experience working in some of the world’s biggest venue with equally huge global brands, we know how to maximise the benefits of your experiential marketing campaign. Take a look at our products and envision your next product release.

To reap all the benefits of experiential marketing, contact Global Vending Solutions today.

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