Creative Promotion Ideas for Launching New Drinks

Launching a new product is exciting. The prospect of booming business, new customers and the chance to get creative with marketing is any marketers’ dream. If you are launching a new drink and are stuck for ideas, or simply want to get some marketing inspiration, we have put together some creative promotion ideas for you!

At Global Vending Solutions, we have been helping businesses promote themselves, engage new customers and launch products for over 15 years. Combining our real-world experience with experiential marketing expertise, we know how to market with an impact. Check out our fully brandable mobile vending solutions, perfect for launching your new drink.

Before you begin your product launch, ensure you have all the necessary pieces in place. Have an identifiable brand unique to you so consumers spot you in the shops, create an informative and functional website so consumers can research more about you, and make social media accounts so consumers can stay updated with your business and products. Lastly, know and advertise where your new drink product will be sold, so interested consumers know where to buy it. 

Crucial to an effective product launch is planning, especially of goals and purpose. Work out how you will measure the success of a launch, if you will at all. Do you want to just raise brand awareness or would you directly like to see sales? Measure sales by unique discount codes or URLs, created for that particular launch. Brand awareness is harder to measure but is quantifiable in website visit trends and social media follower increase.

Once you know the goals of your product launch and have all the elements in place, its time to get creative! Here are some of our creative promotion ideas for launching new drinks. 



What better way to make consumers feel special and get them excited about your new drink than personalised labels? Inspired by Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Drink’ campaign and Nutella’s personalised labels, give consumers the option to create their own label. 

Whether it’s a name, personal message, or even distinctive designs, consumers will love to get involved and create their own unique label. Not only will consumers want to get a drink with their name on, they may want to buy them for their friends. Your new drink will be a huge hit and your sales will soar! 

Consider running a competition for the most creative label design. Word will spread and your new drink will be well known. Also, you will get some product and design inspiration directly from your customers. 


Having a themed product launch is super fun! Let your graphic design team get creative and bring some excitement to your new drink. Even better – take inspiration from experiential marketing and have real-life installations to excite and engage consumers. Find out more about the benefits of experiential marketing. 

The options for themes are truly endless; just find one that fits your new drink and roll with it. Here are some creative ideas:


Samples are a guaranteed way to incite consumers and create a crowd. Everybody loves to try before they buy – especially for free! 

Make the samples as memorable as possible with novel vending methods. Take a look at Global Vending Solutions and our many innovative vending products. From universal drinks backpacks to branded cooler bins, we have vending solutions for the launch of your new drink. Want something a bit more unique? Create a bespoke solution! 

Smart Partnerships

Partnerships can be invaluable to an effective marketing campaign! Depending on your new drink and your target customer, choose a business or influencer that suits your market. Energy drinks and stadiums are a good match, supplying sports games, or health drinks and gyms, targeting customers with matching interests. Consider celebrities and whether there are any you could get to endorse your product; authentic endorsement can led to huge customer influence and sales of your new drink. 

Get Started With Global Vending Solutions 

With extensive experience in marketing both brands and products, and multiple drinks vending solutions for a variety of products, we have the know-how to engage and excite consumers. Explore our product range and find the perfect vending solution for your new drink or enquire about something a bit more bespoke. Our team are always happy to try something new. 

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