The Chef’s Forum


Showcasing Culinary Excellence
Our branded Usherette Trays have helped maximise interaction during showcasing events across the country. Set up to connect top chefs with local catering colleges, The Chef’s Forum holds numerous ‘Taster Days’ on which culinary delights and opulent canapés are presented to guests on our Usherette Trays. 


Inspiring the Next Generation
Igniting conversation and enabling face to face interaction, our Usherette Trays empowered young chefs to show off their hard work, and brag about it too! Usherette Trays gave students confidence when exhibiting, knowing their creations were presented in the best way.


Staying on Brand
We consulted with The Chef’s Forum to create a sleek design and stay on brand. We took our classic jet-black Usherette Tray to the next level with logo application and a custom insert.

Through ensuring we met the needs of the Chef’s Forum, we were able to create a professional and practical mobile sampling solution to empower young chefs and encourage interaction. 


“The team at Usherette Tray are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure each tray suits our needs and aligns with our brand. It makes my life easier to work with a team who are on-board from start to finish, discussing options and coming up with ideas to help improve the way we interact with our audience at our events. I would recommend them without hesitation”


Catherine Farinha (Managing Director, The Chefs’ Forum)


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