Sam’s Club / Walmart USA

Sam's Club Servette Tray

Sam’s Club Servette Trays
We collaborated with Shopper Events to drive sales in Sam’s Club stores (part of Walmart) across the USA. With an initial order of 250 Usherette Trays, the pilot was so successful, more orders soon came in! 

Sampling Success
Through innovative marketing and face-to-face sales, Shopper Events saw incredible results from using Global Vending Solutions usherette trays. They saw a huge increase of minimum 200% same day sales and even found customers would return hoping to see a sample vendor! 


Shoppers’ Mindset
With engaging Usherette Trays and enthused vendors, Sam’s Club stores became a place of fun and engagement. Shoppers were persuaded out of their direct route around the store, dictated by a shopping list, and instead veered off course tempted by samples. 

Our mobile vending solutions helped to break away from the mundane and make shopping exciting. 


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