Glastonbury Festival


Keeping Festivalgoers Dancing
Global Vending Solutions partnered with WaterAid to supply Glastonbury, one of the most famous music festivals in the World, and kept hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers hydrated. 

Known as ‘Water Welcomers’, vendors equipped with our Thirst Packs ensured everyone, everywhere, had a drink. And boy, was it thirsty work. 


Providing a Welcome Drink
We worked with WaterAid to ensure Water Welcomers were situated where they were needed. Placed predominantly at pedestrian gates, our noticeable Thirst Packs provided a welcome drink to those walking in the hot sun. 

It is our philosophy that no one should have to search for a drink, creating mobile solutions to bring the drink to you. 


Partnering with WaterAid
Global Vending Solutions were delighted to partner with WaterAid, globally renowned for its humanitarian work. They strive to change lives and provide clean water to those with little to no access. In addition to providing drinking water across the festival, we provided biodegradable cups to promote sustainable values. We are optimistic we will continue this relationship and further aid their mission in the coming years.


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