Feeding the Nation and Beyond
For over 8 years we have been helping Wagamama provide samples across the globe. Using our Usherette Trays, Wagamama have created experiential activations to engage and entice potential customers. 

We branded the trays with a custom cut vinyl logo to bring the brand to life and ensure nobody passes up this sampling opportunity. 


Creating Seasonal Tastes
Our branded Usherette trays were used by this global brand to market seasonal menu releases. Initially opting for our classic customised tray option, the renowned chain upgraded to our best-selling ergonomic tray with a custom insert. The custom insert elevated the menu, making it centre of attention to promote the seasonal changes.


Fuelling a Long-Term Relationship
We are proud to have forged a relationship with Wagamama. From supplying ergonomic Usherette Trays creating happy vendors, to enabling dynamic experiential marketing, we believe we have provided Wagamama with the ultimate mobile sampling solution. 

But the journey does not end here. It is our job at Global Vending Solutions to continually provide exceptional brand experiences and unique marketing solutions. 


“Joseph and his team are our go-to when planning activations in the UK and some of our international regions. Their custom usherette trays are both premium quality and function as the perfect way for our brand ambassadors to connect with our audience and achieve maximum impact. Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, attention to detail and delivered on-time. I can’t recommend the team at Usherette Tray more highly”

Helen Hyland (Brand Manager, Wagamama)

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