London 2012

London 2012 Vendor

London 2012 Olympics


Our Gold Medal Contract

Global Vending Solutions were honoured to work with over 180 vendors to promote food and beverages from industry leading brands Coca Cola, Heineken, Kraft and Innocent to cater the entire London 2012 Olympic Park, as a London 2012 Vendor
Not only did we supply equipment for the whole of the Olympic Park, but we managed and recruited for the whole process on behalf of our client. 


Creating Big Sales for Big Brands

Using mobile vending solutions, big brands maximised exposure, kept queue times to a minimum, and increased sales. We ensured all possible problem areas were considered and catered for in the most efficient way.
Creating over £3,000,000 in extra sales, mobile vending solutions proved vital to visitor experience and benefit to business.
Our Heineken Beer Branded Backpacks dispensed over 1.2 million ice-cold pints in just 3 weeks! We’ll drink to that… 


Our Olympic Legacy

The closing ceremony was not the end for us. Following the 2012 Olympics, we endeavoured to do more.

Our products are built to last, so we believe in making the most of them. After every product had been successfully used to its maximum capacity, the units were sent to townships in Africa where water is in shortage.


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