About Global Vending Solutions

about global vending solutions

Our Story


Our Founder Joseph would attend events and struggle to find a drink. He would be frustrated – can you blame him?


Then the thought occurred to him, ‘what if the drink came to you?’. 


In 2006, Joseph set about creating Thirst Solutions, the answer to his game changing question.  


Incredible Events + Refreshing Products – A match made in brand awareness heaven <3


Since then, we’ve launched Global Vending Solutions, grown our product range, and learned a lot. With some funding from the Prince’s Trust and lots of hard work, Joseph has seen his business achieve huge success. From the flagship backpack, our ultimate 3 in 1 dispensing Universal Thirst Pack, to bespoke creations for global brands, Thirst Solutions, and its product range, have evolved. 


Big enough to cope, small enough to care


We don’t like to brag, but we’ve done some seriously cool projects. We’ve worked with global brands in renowned venues. We know all there is to know about mobile vending solutions.


But we are still human. And we still give our clients a personable service we are proud of. No matter how we grow, Global Vending Solutions will always offer more than just products. 

If you have questions, we can answer them. Need advice? Resident guru, Joseph, will happily help. Our dedicated designers, quality-assured printers, and customer service team are on hand to ensure the process runs smoothly. 


We want to build relationships, not just with multi-national brands, but also the small guys, the start-ups, the ones who have never done this before. We have something for everyone. 


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